Even a single visit to an art supply store in Melbourne can be expensive. While you may only want to buy a single paint color, the basket can fill up pretty quick because you just can’t resist all the new stuff which you would find. This can be a bit hard on the pocket especially if you are a budding artist who has just started out. While the desire to buy almost everything you want is strong, but it helps being budget conscious.

Being on a budget doesn’t mean that you should start buying cheap products rather it means spending your money wisely. A little bit of research and some careful planning would allow you to choose the right supplies without spending a great deal of cash.

Always buy your stuff from the same art supply stores in Melbourne

Art supply store owners know their loyal customers. If you buy your stuff from the same place every time, the shop keeper is sure to know you. This way they would also provide you with a discount because they know you always come to them for art supplies. Along with the discount you can even get credit on some of the stuff you buy. This is because they know that you would be back for buying more supplies.

Don’t waste the paint

Sometimes when you are busy on a project you just go about mixing colors and then mixing some more if the results aren’t what you like. Often artists end up with a lot of left over paint. This can deplete the supply soon and you would have to make your way to the store for new pint. Instead try to ration out the amount of paint that you use. Instead of mixing one big batch, try to mix a small amount and then add up as you go along.

Another way you can save on some paint is to buy a supply of glaze instead of impasto paint. Glaze can be stretched and can be quite interesting when different textures are added to it.

Buy your supplies in bulk

There are many artists who prefer buying their supplies in bulk. This is a good way to save cash because there is always a discount when buying stuff in bulk. It’s more like buying stuff at a whole sale price. However if you are planning to buy in bulk you have got to make sure that you store everything properly. However try and avoid buying something in bulk which you haven’t used before. This can lead to waste.

Take good care of your current stash of art supplies

When art supplies are kept in proper condition they can last for years. The key is store thee supplies in a proper place. Good quality paint brushes often last a life time when cared for properly. Make sure you take care of what you have to save money in the long run.

Find an art supply store in Melbourne that offers a balance between affordability and quality, and start indulging in your hobby right away.