When choosing the ideal school for their children’s education, the decision as parents is of vital importance since it is necessary to analyse the benefits that the institution offers—being clear that currently, children need to be based on Christian principles to have a promising future.

The spiritual influence in a school impressively influences its way of teaching, and that is why Christian schools offer an environment of real spirituality.

Christian pedagogy is based on a fundamental process (intellectual, will and moral, and spiritual) aimed at making emerge and invigorate through the cognitive force of love.

Without neglecting education as such, since a Christian school, like other institutions, teaches the contents required by the ministry of education with the difference in how it is applied.

What Christian schools seek to teach?

1- Provide children and adolescents with a harmonious development of their physical, intellectual, and moral capacities, based on the ideals of the Gospel, in the Christian Church doctrine.

2- Guide the development of a healthy, cultured, critical person capable of living together in a democratic, fair and free society, with solid human values ​​to form a family that is the fundamental cell of society.

3- To train individuals suitable for citizen coexistence following current democratic principles, who feel identified with the values ​​of national identity, understanding, tolerance, and coexistence that favour and strengthen peace among people and the bonds of solidarity and integration.

4- All educational community members, both religious and secular teaching, administrative and worker staff, fathers, mothers, and representatives are directly involved in the educational process. Therefore, they should feel part of it, responsible for the successes, committed to the educational institution’s smooth running, and project the educational activities of the College towards the members of the community.

5- As a Christian School, it must arouse in the student an authentic search for the truth (science) and cultivate in them a sincere love of the truth (charity) in all aspects and circumstances. This objective arises from placing the student in a totalizing, dynamic, and ascending perspective concerning God, resulting from a process of progressive inner discovery made possible at all times by the teacher and the Institution. Thus, learning must begin with self-exploration, recognition, and must culminate in the discovery and enjoyment of truth.

Considerations as a parent

As adults, some people know how essential it is to expand the vision of seeing life. That is why in a Christian school from the first grades or levels, religious practices are taught, which is very enriching since students are prepared to know the biblical history, and little by little under that parameter, they understand what God has prepared.

Humility and gratitude are cultivated. This is one of the most substantial reasons since children and young people have to be taught the gift of being humble in all aspects of their lives just as Jesus has been, and being grateful and that best way to do it through coexistence; that they can apply what is transmitted to them day by day.

In addition to this, it cannot fail to mention the teachers who are willing to teach with Christian love and all their professionalism. People who are capable of inspiring their students through the wisdom they project. Christian schools in Gold Coast are a great option for your child to be surrounded by religion.