Clinton Harn is a producer, filmmaker, recording artist, audio engineer, session musician & drummer.  His involvement in tertiary education has spanned the last 15 years and includes concepts, realistic and practical tips and methods for achieving professional results in the field of small business, filmmaking & audio recording.

Clinton has been a lecturer at JMC academy for the last 10 years, where he teaches various topics & subjects spanning from film production, sound for film, music production analysis to effective business practices and copyright law.

He is currently a featured columnist for 2011 Emmy award winning company Zacuto. Zacuto are leading manufacturers in camera & filmmaking accessories based out of Chicago USA, with additional objectives such as educational media content. For more info

He also runs his own production company specializing in music videos, documentaries, short feature films and sound for post and pre production. Recent credits include Bill & Kasey Chambers, Luke Dickens, Shane Nicholson, Benn Gunn, just to name a few.

Clinton’s industry experience & commitment focuses on the realistic and practical aspects of film & music making, including justifiable choices in gear selection, developing a skill set amongst a very competitive industry and making the most of limited resources, to attain & achieve very professional results.

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