In 2007 David Oliver was awarded a grand master of photography. The AIPP has also honoured him with the distinction of an AIPP Fellow in recognition of the extraordinary photography achievements and commitment to the art of photography.

Called upon regularly to share his passion and knowledge of photography, lecturing in Australia and throughout the world. David’s also co-produced tow fine art books on landscape and documentary photography.

David Oliver

Living life as a teenager in London in the 60s and 70s was the place to be, working in the City of London next to the River Thames was where I first fell in love with light. The early morning mist on the river was magical, mixed with cobblestone streets and old buildings were a photographers dream.

I was influenced by 3 great London photographers Bill Brandt known for his strong moody B&W images, David Bailey who was at the forefront of environmental fashion photography, and Lewis Morley famous for his portraits of London’s elite.

Moving to Australia in the mid 70s I got my first break in photography, working with the Elton Ward Group, as a wedding portrait photographer. Soon after I joined the AIPP and that’s where my photographic career really took off. There are far too many members to mention, who have helped me along the way; I guess that’s what the AIPP is all about.

Winning numerous awards along the way, the stand out for me was receiving my Grand Master of photography and Fellow of the AIPP on the same night back in 2007.

Photography for me has been my Passion, and I am always on the lookout for when the Emotion, Composition, and Light come together, Henri-Cartier Bresson referred to it as the Decisive Moment.

Clare has an amazing ability to capture the moment. Her fresh and passionate approach to her work sees her in high demand as a wedding and portrait photographer.

Over the past few years, she’s been delving into the world of commercial photography and has worked for clients as diverse as Rolls Royce, Domain Fashion Week, Bank West and Lotus. With a true love of capturing the joy and excitement of life with her photographs.

Clare is known within the industry as one of the most promising young photographers working today.

Clare Oliver

I don’t take for granted the privileges I have had growing up in the photographic industry and having all my mentors and hero’s as family and friends.

I love photography and was always interested in what dad did when I was growing up. He was always experimenting in the darkroom and playing with light in the studio and us kids were his models and would have to sit there for ages while he got the right light or the temperature in the chemicals was spot on for making the magic (printing in the darkroom was what we referred to as kids as making magic!)

I started photography at school then went onto living in the Whitsundays and working as a lab rat in the Photoshop on Hamilton Island.
I would process the film and files for the wedding photographers, the landscape photographers, the portrait photographers and then of course just the average Joe’s holiday snaps. Working in a lab helped me learn the basics of exposure and composition and I started critiquing all the work without even being a good photographer myself. I then went to tafe, signed up as a member of the AIPP and went along to as many lectures as I could of all the photographers who interested and inspired me.

I drew inspiration all the photographers that have always been around throughout my life and now I am putting it all into play and just having a ball as a photographer. I am still learning and no doubt I will still be learning for many years to come as photography is forever evolving with technology and life is every evolving with experiences to capture.

Life is my number one passion and photography allows me to capture this.

Our family has been in the photography business for over 30years. I have been running our studio David Oliver Photography for the past 8 years photographing mainly weddings and portraits and when I travel for jobs interstate or overseas I always have my camera nearby for some landscapes or streetscapes.

I am so lucky be able to do something I love so much and make a living from it.

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