Gary Humble’, © Peter Adams 2009, In-camera shot

Peter Adams is a retired AIPP Fellow and double master, twice a winner in the Haselblad Masters (in one year he won both first and second prize), two times Australian Professional Photographer of the Year “… although on the first occasion it was then named the Kodak Professional Achievement Award”, AIPP Book of the Year (2008), he has been hung in the ‘Moran Prize’ (twice) and ‘Head On’ competitions. His sculpture has been displayed at Sculpture by the Sea in Sydney, (‘A Star Bangled Spanner’, 2006) and again in Sydney and Cotteslow Beach, WA (‘Peas on Earth’, 2007 and 2008).

Adams has written over 100 articles on photographers – based on his massive project ‘Who Shot That?’ (many of which have appeared in Better Photography magazine), has been represented in over 40 exhibitions (including 18 solo exhibitions), published 8 books, and found time to raise $140,000 for the Childrens Hospital at Westmead.

“Bloody hell!” says Peter.

Will I, won’t I’, © Peter Adams 2007, In-camera shot

‘Wild Field Mouse’, © Peter Adams 2010, In-camera shot

‘Self Portrait’, © Freddy Fox 1967, In-camera shot

‘Racism’, © Bill Stettner, 1963. In-camera shot

‘Mouse on knife’, © Peter Adams 2010, - 20% Photoshop

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