Time-lapse specialist- Photographic Artist

Your Artistic expression, vivid imagination, passion for your work and the pursuit of cutting edge techniques, is what defines you as a modern creative photographer. Seán Paul Moss is a Cinematographer / Photographer who definitely embraces all of these Virtues.

Immersed in the Film-TV + photographic Industries for the last 19 years, He has filmed and photographed many major projects from Feature Films to $1milion dollar TV commercials, working with the some of the biggest Brands, Directors, and Agencies throughout his extensive career.

Seán ”Mossy” Moss  is well respected for his Camera operating style and advanced technical knowledge which led to the key involvement in the ”Amazing Everyday” Hyundai i30 TVC car campaigns, which were filmed entirely in time-lapse! The 5 individual TVC commercials shot all around the globe created huge interest in the Film+photographic industry winning Gold awards for the creative cinematography.

Being a Time-lapse fanatic, coupled with his passion for Architectural photography and love of video editing has lead him to produce mesmerising Time-lapse construction Videos using motion control dolly Time-lapse techniques for major Infrastructure, Construction and Property Development clients.

Seán Paul is also an International award winning ART photographer. He has produced many “Fascinating and Captivating” Macro Abstract ART series that will not only stimulate your imagination but also inspire intellectual conversation when viewing these modern Limited Edition Art pieces. His business Inception Time-lapse + Photography operates from Hope Island on the Gold Coast where he has a small Art gallery and Video edit suite.

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