Photography Events

Capturing that Perfect Moment

Attending an event is normal. But, if you’re a photographer or a photography enthusiast, then a normal event could turn into a photo opportunity. Event photography is one of the best photo opportunities that you can have because, apart from capturing a special moment in one’s life, all the emotions are real.

We want you to be great in event photography. In guiding you to become a master of this, we will give you some tips for event photography. Here are a few tips:

Prepare for the event

Don’t belittle events. Whether big or small, it still counts. Know what the event is. Is it a birthday party? A wedding? A bachelor’s party? Identify first what the event is so you can prepare the things that you need accordingly – the camera that you will use, the lenses, lighting attachments, a tripod, and most importantly, the next tip on this article.

Always dress appropriately

Never dress down in an event. The main purpose of you dressing up is for you to blend in with the crowd. If the event is a socialite or high-end event, then a blazer or a tie makes it work. If the event is a simple one and you feel you’re overdressed, then you can remove these accents and stick with a pair of slacks and a good suit. You can keep your tie inside your pocket, and for women, a little black dress will always work!

Pre-event shots are good too

Pre-event shots, as the name implies, are shots taken before the event. A ton of effort was put into the preparation for an event and capturing these moments can be great too. It is good to take photos of the before-events so that the guests can enjoy them too. Never take for granted pre-event shots. Good pre-event shots will definitely level up your career, thus a win-win situation for you. Why so? Pre-event shots are what hotels and function rooms get to post and promote their rooms and services. If you give out a good quality of pre-event shots on time, most likely they will bring more opportunities for you.

Take enough shots

Learn to capture moments quickly but see to it that you don’t overshoot or undershoot either. Shoot just enough to capture real and special moments. Never miss special moments in an event, and never take for granted sweet, genuine moments at an event.

Hustle hard and deliver quickly

Covering for events doesn’t stop with just shooting the photos. It also entails editing and of course, delivering quality photos at the agreed time. There is a lot of photo editing software available for use. Don’t underestimate the power of software as it can help to enhance your photos. Hard work, plus a quick turnaround time, will give you more photography events in the future.