You will find that most parents face difficult choices when deciding where to enrol their child for daycare. With the high number of services being offered, it is easy to find yourself spoilt for choice. However, several factors will help you make a choice.

First, you cannot take your child to a centre that is beyond your financial capacity, thus, pricing reduces the number of options you have to bargain with. Second, you have to choose a daycare centre that is in proximity to you. The location also narrows down your options. Other factors include the services offered, environmental situation, and the available resources.


Areas to Analyse in a Day Care Centre

As a parent, you need to do a comprehensive evaluation of the different areas and stakeholders who will be involved in providing care for your child. Other than having a pleasant environment that fosters creativity, innovation, and exploration, you need to ensure that the staff and the management understand the needs you have in child care.

You should base your assessment in the following areas;

  1. The management – focus on their policies of operation and the philosophies that guide their education system. Also, ensure that they are in compliance with the national standards. You should also evaluate the longevity of the current manager’s term, and it’s turn-over rate. A centre that experiences a high turn-over is compromised in terms of quality.
  2. The staff – they should be professional individuals with certification to work in a daycare centre. Their communication ability should be reflected in both how they converse with the parent and the child. They should understand the different methods of communication and situations that warrant them to contact you.
  3. The child – how comfortable will they be in the environment? You need to assess whether your child will thrive in the daycare centre or whether their curiosity will be encouraged.
  4. Emergencies – you should enquire how the institution handle situations such as medical emergencies. You should be able to trust them with the well-being of your child.
  5. Nutrition and health – most children would be open to having junk food for all their meals. It is the responsibility of the daycare centre to provide food and snacks that cater to the child’s nutritional requirements.

Why You Should Prepare Your Child for Daycare

Children can understand the consequences and outcomes of certain situations when given the opportunity. When you do decide on taking your child to a daycare centre, making them aware of all the possibilities that come with the new experience will impact how they respond.

Involving your child in decision making and allowing them to walk with you through the preparation period of joining day care will make them more prone to a positive response. Ensure that you take your child for visits to day care Cranbourne with Busy Bees to get them acquainted with the new environment.

However, it is essential to note that the type of preparation you do for your child is dependent on their age. While a visit is appropriate for all learners as it builds relationships with the environment and educators, conversations will not yield much fruit with toddlers. Thus, customise your preparation procedure according to the milestones your child has achieved.